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Who should consider introducing Telescopic belt conveyors for loading and unloading vehicles?
Any company looking to increase efficiency and reduce costs in the loading bay together with minimizing the risk of injury during manual goods handling
What are the key benefits of using vehicle loading Telescopic belt conveyors?
Improved loading bay efficiency and reduced operating costs (1000 items per hour) The conveyors provide an efficient means to rapidly handle goods on and off vehicles.The increase in handling rates with fewer operatives ensures a short pay-back period and continued cost savings.  Health and safety issues are also addressed since the strain caused by lifting and carrying action is reduced.
What are typical handling rates?
Determined by belt speed, typically at 30m meters per minutes, the conveyors can handle up to 1000 items per hour, making it possible to unload a 40 foot trailer in under 1 hour.
For what applications can the conveyors be used?
For handling a broad range of products large or small whose weight is generally determined by the maximum weight operatives can handle safely.  Examples include boxes / cartons, sacks / bags, tyres, drums, carpets, mattresses, pressed steel.
What length of vehicle can be loaded and unloaded with a Telescopic belt Conveyor?
All vehicle types from the largest (40 feet) trailers down to lightweight vans.  The largest boom conveyors produced to date reach of 6 meters having belt width 1000 mm.
If the conveyors have large reach can they be easily accommodated within the loading?
Yes : the compact design incorporates several telescopic stages so that the closed length of the conveyor is typically less than 6 m.
What is the load carrying capacity?
The standard machine specification is rated at 50 kg per meter to suit the majority of manual handling operations.  For special applications 100 kg per meter are also available.
What are the recommended service intervals?
The robust design and quality components and materials used necessitate service inspection only twice per year under normal use.
What are the advantages of using cantilevered Telescopic belt conveyors over conventional conveyors on castors?
The Telescopic belt conveyors function without contact with the vehicle floor rendering them simple and easy to use with the minimum of effort.  Operatives do not have to lift or move conveyors on the vehicle floor with the cantilevered system.
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- What are typical handling rates?
- What is the load carrying capacity?
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